Our Team

Jasmine Mawhinney

 pursuing a life of health. I have always had a great desire to encourage others to be comfortable in their own skin, while sharing the importance of pursuing mental, spiritual and physical health. I work to implement this in all areas of my personal and professional life, and I am always looking to support people and companies on the same mission. My faith and this pursuit are what help shape the direction of my life!
Lauren Sieckmann

driven to succeed. Since I was a little girl I have been driven to succeed. I used to go to club volleyball practice an hour early. My drive gets me up ‪at 5:30am to lift weights. I drive an hour and a half each way most days to work with the best trainers and coaches. I approach everything with the same drive to succeed, whether it's modeling, eating healthy, or learning to improve myself.
Danielle Gray

 building who I am. My life course has changed a few times and everyday I am learning something new about myself. I never would have guessed ten years ago that I’d be a competitive pole dancer. Yet, here I am, consumed by the fitness industry, calisthenics, gymnastics, and personal training. One day, I hope to open my own fitness studio.
Julianne Jouglard

 strong enough to do whatever I put my mind to. I started dancing at the age of three… I dreamed about being a professional dancer for the rest of my life, yet many people told me that it couldn’t be done. I saw that if I set my mind towards the goal of being a professional dancer and never lost sight of it, it could truly happen. And it did! I have danced for many different sports teams and traveled all around the world, all while doing what I love! I am strong enough to make my dreams come true.
Kari Van Horn

 unbridled determination. Grinding day in/day out to make my dreams my reality. Whatever it takes, without hesitation. Everyone has a story to tell, and I live for sharing those stories with the world!
Parker Flynn

 a walk on. I walked on as a kicker/punter at Arizona State, I did the same thing at Purdue, and I have continued to be a walk on everyday of my life since I graduated. To me, being a "walk on" is not just your status on a team or a measure of your financial backing from a university, being a "walk on" is a frame of mind. A walk on is a grinder. A walk on is given nothing and works for everything he gets. A walk on is the first one in to work and the last one to leave. A walk on is ALWAYS hungry. A walk on is a self-made man, and I AM a walk on!
Taylor Wheatley

 active. As a former D1 collegiate athlete now pursuing a career in sports media, health and fitness have always been a very important part of my life.  I am constantly on the move, trying new things that can help better myself.  Day in and day out I try to be the best that I can be in order to help those around me.
Avery Laurenne

 passionate. I constantly strive to make myself and those around me better. I am driven by adventure, learning opportunities, and challenging my mind and body.
Je'Von Hetland

 a goal setter! No matter how difficult or impossible the situation may seem, with the right mindset and effort, it can be done! Growing up with limited resources, college and anything beyond that was seemingly impossible. It took blood, sweat, and tears, but in the end it was possible! After recently finishing up my Masters degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sports Conditioning, and now coaching at AXIS Crossfit in Costa Mesa, CA, I am here to encourage each person to dream, set goals, and believe that they can do whatever they put their mind to!
Blake Hugaert

 just getting started on this journey we call life. It is my goal to become stronger mentally, physically, and spiritually every day. As a former collegiate athlete, I still find ways to compete. Whether it's with myself in the weight room or with others at the office, I will always have the desire to win. Regardless of where I am or what I am doing, my sights remain on my goals.
Rachel Ouellette

 passionate. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew my purpose- to help others who could not help themselves. I didn’t know what that would manifest into until I fell in love with health, medicine, and my own personal growth. Fulfilling my purpose is something I strive for everyday and the human body is my muse. We were all born with something special that no one else can duplicate- do it and do it well.
Devyn Amaral

 dedicated. Working towards my nursing degree has helped me realize how passionate and dedicated I am to make a change in the world by teaching others about wellness and becoming the healthiest and happiest one can be. It is not all about the stereotypical looks of being thin or insanely "ripped" with muscle, but it is about feeling your best while maintaining an overall balance of wellness in mind, body and spirit. Instructing barre has also made me realize I can make a change in people's lives and I am completely dedicated to assisting my clients to their fullest potential.
Shane Bingham

 described as a self-starter who thrives in a busy, fast paced, and evolving environment. I believe anyone can accomplish their wildest dreams as long as they are determined and driven. Everyday has something new and exciting to offer. The unlimited possibilities and opportunities in life is what keeps me going everyday.
Emily Freeman

inspiring others. A dancer since three years old, my love for movement started at a young age. Despite my passion for health and fitness, when I graduated from the University of Southern California, I was convinced a desk job was my to-do. I worked in corporate marketing for two years while dreaming about spending my days in the gym! It was then I knew I had to share this passion with others. I acquired both my NASM and ACSM personal training certifications and started my blog There's a saying I like to follow, "If it scares the living daylight out of you, it's totally worth doing!"