Our History

I AM Bar started as a simple idea. One night, a quite obvious notion stuck out in Bob Wheatley’s mind. His idea was simple, yet profound.

He thought to himself... “As humans, we like to eat. Actually, as living and growing beings, we NEED to eat! We also like to look and feel our best, but how can we have both?”

With that simple thought as his inspiration, I AM Bar was born. Bob wanted to make a delicious, nutrient-rich snack that also helped to improve the way people looked and felt.

Honey and Bob making bars at home in September '14

The most important step in the infancy of I AM Bar was when the “Master Chef” was brought on board. Making protein bars on his own would have been a huge undertaking for a culinary novice like Bob, so he had to call in an expert for some help: his grandmother, Cherie. “Honey,” as her grandchildren affectionately call her, is a phenomenal cook, and Honey agreed to help Bob tackle the biggest challenge in taking I AM Bar from an idea to a reality… making the bars!

Over the next year, Honey played mad scientist in her kitchen, exchanging samples and recipe ideas back and forth with Bob. They added a little of this… took out a little of that… they produced bar after bar after bar. After countless recipes and long hours in the kitchen, Honey and Bob came up with delicious home recipes that are the inspiration for the I AM bars that you see today. They insisted on using real food, always strived to use fewer ingredients, and added just a little bit of a grandmother's love for good measure.

The obvious need for a healthy, convenient food option was made even more apparent to Bob when he began playing professional baseball. As a minor league player, schedules were tight and money was tighter, often calling for midnight dinners at gas stations on bus trips to the next town on the schedule. The steady diet of pizza and peanut butter sandwiches got old quickly, and it was clear to Bob that a healthier snack choice was sorely needed. As an athlete, Bob wanted to fuel his body for optimal performance, and he did the best he could with what was available to him, but it was a constant struggle to find adequate food options on the road. So instead of accepting that unhealthy diet, Bob set out to solve his food dilemma once and for all and make a healthy snack of his own.

I AM Bar began as a simple idea in the mind of a young entrepreneur, it was nurtured in the kitchen of a loving grandmother, and it has combined healthy ingredients and a healthy purpose to create the products and brand that you see today.

At I AM Bar, family is the core of who we are. From the I AM Bar family to yours, enjoy!