Biography of a Failure

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Biography of a “Failure”
  • Difficult childhood
  • Less than one year of formal schooling
  • Failed in business ‘31
  • Defeated for legislature ‘32
  • Again failed in business ‘33
  • Elected to legislature ‘34
  • Fiancée died ‘35
  • Defeated for Speaker ‘38
  • Defeated for Elector ‘40
  • Married, wife a burden ‘42
  • Only one of four sons lived past age 18
  • Defeated for Congress ‘43
  • Elected for Congress ‘46
  • Defeated for Congress ‘48
  • Defeated for Senate ‘55
  • Defeated for Vice President ‘56
  • Defeated for Senate ‘58
When you think of a series of setbacks like this, doesn’t it make you feel small to become discouraged, just because you think you’re having a hard time in life?

Dissatisfaction with things as they are, the persistent struggle to reach expanding goals, not the triumphs, is what makes people great.

This is the story of a man who never stopped trying even though his failures were many and his successes were few.

  • Elected President 1860

The "failure" was, of course, Abraham Lincoln.



*Disclaimer: This is not my original work, nor do I take credit for it as such.

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