How flossing can save your life

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Do you floss? I remember one day my mom told me about a study that had just come out, which proved that people who flossed their teeth lived longer. She claimed that it was believed flossing helped to decrease inflammation in our mouth, which in turn improved the health of our entire body, leading to a longer life expectancy. 

To this day I have no idea if what they found was true, nor do I care to find out, that’s not what I am getting at here. 

However, if that were true, why would that be the case? What is so beneficial about dental floss? Could running a string between your teeth really have such a positive impact on your life?

Or… could the answer be much simpler than that? Could it be that the people who are willing to take the time to floss are also willing to make other choices in their everyday lives that make them healthier and live longer? 

I believe this is likely the reason for a longer life expectancy amongst flossers. It is the choices they make over a lifetime that cause them to live longer, not mere dental hygiene. I believe that a person who has the discipline to do something as monotonous as flossing is more likely to find him or herself exercising regularly, eating better foods, getting better sleep, and doing any number of other things that boost overall health.

So, am I telling you that you have to go out and grab some dental floss right away? Not at all. What I'm merely saying is... Be a ‘flosser’. Be the kind of person that takes positive steps day by day to become healthier, happier you. 

The choices are limitless... It could be using dental floss, sure, but it could also be choosing to drink more water, choosing to drink less alcohol, choosing to start that gym membership that you've been eyeing, choosing to turn the iPhone off an hour earlier tonight (imagine that!), or anything else you can think of to better your body and mind.

It's time we start making the choices our bodies will thank us for down the road. This week, choose to be a flosser, and remember, that doesn't just happen at the bathroom sink!

Have a great week!


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